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Relevant Disclosures on Corporate Governance Practices

The general partner, represented by its Management Board, manages the Company’s business with the due care and diligence of a prudent and conscientious company director in compliance with the provisions of the law, the articles of association, the rules of procedure for the Management Board, the resolutions passed by the full Management Board, and the Supervisory Board of the general partner. Corporate governance practices extending beyond the requirements of law are defined in the Fresenius Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct contains the key principles and rules for our conduct within the Company and in our relations with external partners and with the public. We have published the Fresenius Code of Conduct on our website at, see Who we are − Corporate Governance. The Code of Conduct is binding for all Company employees and must be complied with regarding any type of business relationship. The Fresenius Code of Conduct was implemented by the Management Board in 2010. Our executives regard ensuring compliance with the principles of the Code of Conduct as part of their managerial responsibilities.

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