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Talent Management

Modern talent management is becoming ever more important, given the global market changes that are taking place. In order to meet the challenges of the future, we will have to find a way to deal effectively with the following issues:

  • attractiveness as an employer
  • personnel development
  • performance appraisal
  • successor planning

We concentrate on offering our employees opportunities for their careers to develop in a dynamic international environment. Depending on customer and market structure, our business segments have very different demands with regard to concepts and measures for employee development. This is why they are coordinated, developed, and realized independently for each business segment. HELIOS, for instance, uses a central talent management system to promote promising young employees in medical and nursing work. We offer the innovative “Ready to Lead” development program to promising future executives in medical service. We tailor all of these measures to our overriding corporate goals, on the one hand, and to the individual needs of our employees, on the other.

Across the Group, we support the development of our employees’ professional and personal skills through a wide-ranging offering of internal training measures as well as through personal career talks. The strengths of each individual employee are deliberately furthered and tapped. Through the systematic transfer of know-how within the framework of our successor planning, we ensure that valuable expertise is preserved and our well-qualified staff is trained and supported.

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