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Research and development

Our R & D activities will continue to play a key role in securing the Group’s long-term growth through innovations and new therapies.

As a vertically integrated company not only supplying dialysis products but also operating its own clinics, Fresenius Medical Care aims to offer a complete portfolio of high-quality products and services for the treatment of chronic kidney failure that can be tailored flexibly to local market conditions and, in part, rapidly changing health care systems and reimbursement structures. Given the increasing challenge in the health care sector to provide comprehensive, high-quality, and at the same time cost-efficient care for growing numbers of patients, we increasingly want to leverage this extensive portfolio in order to offer holistic patient care concepts to our partners in the health care sector.

Consequently, one focus of our work will be innovations that integrate additional treatment elements in our offerings or match these offerings even more effectively with one another so as to improve the quality and safety of the therapy and make it more cost-efficient. For instance, we will be working on devices for our hemodialysis machines that facilitate the handling of the bloodline system and reduce the number of connecting steps to a few manual operations, thus relieving the clinic staff. Integrating the dosage and the administration of particular medications into the process of the dialysis machine and developing new supplementary functions that increase treatment quality and safety will be other focuses.

We will also be generally looking into ways to use new medical and technological insights to improve the quality of life for more and more patients with chronic kidney failure – for instance through home therapies or the continuous development of the portable artificial kidney. We aim to launch it on the North American market following approval from the U.S. FDA. Treatment safety will remain a focus of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, and we will continue to tackle side effects associated with chronic kidney failure.

Another focus of our development work is infusion and nutrition therapies and the development of generic IV drugs at Fresenius Kabi.

We plan to increase the Group’s R & D spending in 2013. About 4% to 5% of our product sales will be reinvested in research and development.

Market-oriented research and development with strict time-to-market management processes is crucial for the success of new products. We continually review our R & D results using clearly defined milestones. Innovative ideas, product development, and therapies with a high level of quality will continue to be the basis for future market-leading products.

Given the continued cost-containment efforts in the health care sector, cost efficiency combined with a strong quality focus is acquiring ever greater importance in product development and the improvement of treatment concepts.

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