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24. Mandatory Exchangeable Bonds

To finance the acquisition of APP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (since 2012: Fresenius Kabi USA, Inc.), Mandatory Exchangeable Bonds (MEB) in an aggregate nominal amount of €554.4 million were issued by Fresenius Finance (Jersey) Ltd. in July 2008. Fresenius Finance B.V. subscribed for these MEB at 100% of their principal amount. Afterwards, the MEB were on-lent to Fresenius SE (since January 28, 2011: Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA), who placed the MEB in the market. The bonds carried a coupon of 5 5⁄8% per annum and matured on August 14, 2011. Upon maturity, the bonds were mandatorily exchangeable into ordinary shares of Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (FMC-AG & Co. KGaA). Each holder of an MEB received 1,418 ordinary shares of FMC-AG & Co. KGaA per MEB, corresponding to a final conversion price of €35.26. The ordinary shares of FMC-AG & Co. KGaA were owned by Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA and there was no issuance of new shares. Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA’s shareholding in FMC-AG & Co. KGaA was thus reduced by 15,722,644 ordinary shares to 30.4% of the ordinary share capital.

The MEB were shown under short-term liabilities in an amount of €554 million until their maturity on August 14, 2011.

The derivative financial instruments embedded in the MEB were measured at fair value and were shown separately in the consolidated statement of financial position within short-term accrued expenses and other short-term liabilities until the maturity of the MEB.

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